New Babylon

July 14, 2015


Phonographic Journal Transcription #6

‘New Babylon was built on sin’

Recorded: Winter 1880

Transcribed: July 14th 2015


The city of New Babylon is built on sin.

The sun seldom bothers itself enough to highlight the dead gardens of the towers of Babylon, but mud and ash were a verdant green at some point, surely…

Daylight in New Babylon blinds the world with its splendour, but it also illuminates the shame in the hearts of those it lights up – forcing her denizens to hide behind refinement and a quickening seen only in beehives and corpses.

But nightfall in New Babylon brings forth the true spirit of the city. Her sins stalk the streets, forcing the mannered indoors. The shroud of night hides all imperfections, just as it hides the true Lords of the city. Those who own its industries, its stone walkways, dives, and pebble beaches; its hawkers, its streetwalkers, and its scandalous gin dens as inhabitants try to escape the drudgery of their existence by staring into the night. The blood of the city is currency, to barter, to purchase, and to lay claim.

Oh, and how familiar it is, this land of broken statues, dead deities, and ruined towers, in dead bleached of rose and ivy. Yes, some of the place names have been changed, but New Babylon is every town. Some of the players took new monikers, but they have all been the lonely inebriate in the bar, they have been the nude woman, combing her flaxen locks with the shutters wide open onto the night, and they have been the deplorably depraved, chasing the child into the darkness, and the arms of sickness and death.

New Babylon is the shade of every city.

Jung said, there is a shadow in each man; In New Babylon, these prehistoric sins walk among us. When the gas lamps are lit, the Gentes are real; Shadows made flesh. They wear the same skin as yours, and speak in low, lulling whispers. They thirst for the sin, and the light. They dance with you and laugh and sing, and kill you sweetly with a soft touch, or a gentle murmur.

The city of New Babylon knows sin.
It has sinned.

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