Her Darling Morgan

July 2, 2015

Phonographic Journal Transcription #2

‘Her Darling Morgan’

Recorded: Winter 1880

Transcribed: July 4th 2015


Why does D’Asur fascinate me so? Is that self-same ratlike scurrying?

Or its oddly hypnotic refusal to accept defeat?

Scurrying, no, not like rats, like spiders, like the spiders that adorn their crest. Spider beasts. And we all know the eldest has an affinity for such, and an affinity for the motherhood of a spider. She likes to call herself Saskia, Saskia Vuersord. Her real name, as most, might be lost to the ages, but, we call her, the venator, the hunter, the assassin.

There have been reports of her crawling up walls and hanging, in corners, like a monstrous glimpse of one phobic’s nightmare. Surely she has her genitor’s depth of unnerving power. I wonder, does she call him father?

But the Venator has her secrets, even if they are not secret at all, she has her children, so many children, little urchins, all female, scurrying the streets for her, her little spiderlings, telling her secrets, that she may find one amongst them that she deems worthy to receive her gift. One that she might take into the long night with her, lay with in the dark and alter, create, mould into her own image. One would think that a child of such power, such age, would know the truth of the world. No matter how the gens would like their progeny to change for them, they might never do so, in all probability, she never will.

I wonder why then, does Vuersord revert back to her … Morgans? And what is it in that name that gives her such hesitation? Her latest little lover has balked against the moniker. It seems she will not accept her new mother’s demands.

I do not foresee see her lasting long in this life.

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